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Remarkable Landmarks




Mambukal Resort, about thirty-one kilometers east of Bacolod, is surrounded by therapeutic sulfur springs, leisure trails leading to the waterfalls, mountain streams, lush valleys and hiking trails leading up to Mount Kanlaon.








An ideal place for nature-lovers, the resort has accommodation facilities, swimming and therapeutic warm dipping pools, picnic huts, bat watching, boating facilities, wall climbing, slide for life, canopy walk, and camping grounds, overnight cottages and a food court.


Bacolod Golf and Country Club is located in Hacienda, Binitin. The narrow fairways are bounded by eucalyptus trees and OB stakes that are clearly visible. The place has a golf-course and assures golfers of the most enjoyable and unforgettable experience.


Calibago River Resort is a campers favorite. Tents are available for overnight stay. Bicycles are for rent but you may opt to go horse back riding.


There is also a water slide for kids. Pandanon Silos Mountain and River Resort, a 45-minute drive from Bacolod City located at Brgy. Pandanon Silos, Murcia. This river resort has function halls, day cottages and accommodation facilities with swimming pool, plus packages offered for the adventurous to explore the river.

Barangay Sta. Rosa is the site of Japanese soldiers who surrender to the American forces at the end of the World War II. The monument stands marking the historic surrender. Hacienda Kaftrees.

Located in Barangay Caliban has a land area of about 10 hectares of fruit trees plantation. The place is perfect for seminars, retreats and other social events. Facilities include private rooms, shed houses, basketball court and swimming pools and many more lovable and romantic sites.



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